Michigan Family Law Appeals

Trial court decisions in Michigan family law matters can be appealed to a higher Michigan court. The Michigan Court of Appeals reviews Michigan trial court decisions to determine whether the trial court committed an error that warrants reversal or some other action by the higher court. The Court of Appeals will review the record from the trial court and decide whether or not there is reversible error and thereafter issue an opinion which may or may not be published as a precedent. Even if you are not the one filing the appeal. If you agree with the Trial Court decision, you will benefit from an attorney representing your interests in the Court of Appeals to work on your behalf to affirm that decision.

Debra Keehn is licensed to practice in the Court of Appeals in Michigan and the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Ms. Keehn will thoroughly review the trial court record, research the legal issues, write your brief and argue your position vigorously. Please consider her for all family law appeals arising throughout the trial courts in the State of Michigan.